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Teenager who eloped with a suspected Thug Rescued


Children protection officers from Kibra Constituency have rescued a 15 year old girl who allegedly eloped with a man who is a suspected thug.

Humphrey Lando a child protection officer in Kibra says that the class six pupil has even confessed to getting pregnant for the man and procuring an abortion.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Lando says that the man gave the girl Ksh. 3,000 to abort  the week pregnancy.

“She got pregnant and aborted the baby. We are currently trying to trace the biological mother because she lives with the aunt. It is sad that some parents are using their children to get household goods and food. They let their girl’s get in relationships with men only because they are given things like sugar and salt. I don’t agree with this behavior and it must stop.” Lando said

Lando added that he is currently in the process of helping the girl get counselling and medical help for the girl.

“I feel very sad that even where she studies they don’t know her and she has been there for three years. It’s sad that a child can sleep away from home for three weeks and the mother does not care the aunt also does’n care and when her daughter in law tells her the child’s behavior it is a fight. That’s simply giving your underage daughter an okay to get married early. The government does not allow such behavior and even as a children officer I will not condone it.” he added