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  • Pension Scheme Members not Happy
  • Appeal to President Ruto to rescue them

Members of Teleposta Pension scheme are living in fear of being evicted from their houses that they have lived in for over 25 years.

The members say that some of them were given offer letters to buy the houses at reasonable prices then but the pension scheme has increased the prices to a point that they cannot afford.

Through an auctioneer the members say that they were given a notice of 3 months since March to vacate the houses now the auctioneer is threatening to evict them from the houses.

Barnabas Munga a member of the pension scheme says that those who had received the offer letters were instructed to pay a 10% of the buying price and a grace period of 3 months to complete the paying.

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“I don’t know what is going on in our Pension scheme, they are not straight forward like the postal pension…. some of us paid 10% for buying these houses……you cannot evict people from their houses without telling them where they will head to, “

He said.

Harassment and Intimidation

The members say that it is improper to for such a payment plan.

“I am a former worker of Telecom Kenya …we cannot just be threatened to get out of here…without any formal agreement…some of us have stayed here for more than 30 years…we read something fishy here…they are sending people to harass us…we are not happy…we are appealing to you Mr president to save us from these animals, “

Emily Rop said

They now want the Teleposta pension scheme to offer all of the more than 120 members offer letters to purchase the houses with the initial price not the inflated prices that is being offered now.

They also want President William Ruto to come to their rescue in the hands of cartels who want to take advantage of them.

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