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  • It is still not clear whether Omosh and Akothee are an item.
  • She don’t post nor speak About him on her social media anymore raising eye brows.

Controversial politician and self-declared  General Miguna Miguna is still demanding answers from Boss lady Akothee on Omosh’s whereabouts and whether he is still in the picture.The self-declared general shared his Photos with Akothee though they didn’t disclose where they met.
Migunas’ tweet has since gone viral with fans now demanding Akothee to disclose if they were still an item with Omosh.

“I had a chance to tell Esther Akothe (Akothee) that whether she was upset with me or not, she must explain to me, her Big Brother, who Omosh ja Switzerland is and what his true background. Let ⁦@X⁩ break today!” General Miguna Miguna wrote in his handle.

Akothee Past Reactions

Meanwhile Akothee’s fans are still curious of the whereabouts of Omosh and current status of the two love birds.

Many demand answers from the flamboyant musician.
“Hey Akothee Omosh alienda wapi ebu tushow mpoa wako Yuko wapi hatumcheki humpost hakuna kitu inaendelea or the two of  you are not an item as we thought before.” A fan wrote hilariously.

“Vipi Akothe Omosh Ako area ama kuliendaje ebu tuchapie vile hali Iko aje is not too much to ask please boss lady,”another fan asked.

September 21, 2023

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