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Tenants Evicted Out Of Railways Estate In Ngara

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A section of tenants at the Railway Estate in Ngara were today morning evicted from their houses.

The tenants who occupy mabati extensions built by main house tenants were forced out of their houses by police officers who were reportedly enforcing a directive from the Kenya Railways Retirement Benefits Scheme.

According to the residents, Police officers forced them out of their houses in the morning telling them to hand over their keys.

Nancy Nyaiso, one of the residents, says she had just gotten back from dropping off her children at school when the officers came and forced her out of the house.

“They came around 7:30 am and ordered us to vacate the houses immediately. They also told us to surrender our keys and when we tried to inquire why we were being evicted, one of them said they had orders from the Kenya Railways Retirement Benefits scheme.”

Nyaisu who maintains that there was no notice served, also said that she tried to talk to one officer who then became violent and threatened to beat her up.

“One of the officers who was also evicting us also tried to beat me up when I kept persisting that I need to know why we were being evicted without notice.” She added

Her neighbour who sought anonymity says she left for work at 6:00 am only to be called by one of the neigbours to come save her belonging.

She says she got back home and found her household items strewn all over the compound.



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