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Tens Of Graduates Venture Into The Casket Business Due To Lack Of Jobs

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Tens of graduates in Kisumu County have resorted to work in a casket sector, a sector which has been avoided by the youth for quite long.

Jawat workshop in Kisumu has more than 25 graduates who have graduated in different fields.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, Jawat manager Erick Arogo says in his sector  he has a employed a bigger number of university graduates who are not even skilled in the that field.

“Here I have more than 25 workers. We have university graduates, those who did diploma, highschool graduates plus unskilled ones. Many have resorted to work here because of lack of employment which has become a main challenge,” Aroko Said.

In a program named “Kazi ni Kazi” Felix Jakoyugi who works as a tailor and  sales department says that he did diploma in Engineering  but due to lack of jobs, he has decided to join his fellows.

“You know this is just a job like others,  yes I did that course but the first hustle I got which relates with my course is not paying, I later joined Jawat where I can say am making good many. Currently I don’t look at my level of education because “Kazi ni kazi”. In here we work as a team, no discrimination,” says Jakoyugi.

Gabriel Ogogo who graduated from Maseno in 2014 in the field of education says he has never been employed by the government but so far he has something to count on from casket making.


“I am a teacher by profession but I have never been employed, I joined this sector back in 2015 but so far, I have bought my piece of land, built a house of my choice and am living my life,” says Ogogo.

On the other hand, they expressed their fears stating that it was a challenge for their parents, partners and friends to accept their job leading to discrimination.

They are advising fresh graduands to stop waiting for white collar jobs and look for what can give them incomes.


By Jacob Oluoch


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