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Tense Relationship Between Police and Bodaboda, a Security Threat

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The toxic relationship between the police and  bodaboda operators has now become a concern with bodaboda Association of Kenya blaming the police officers for consecutively demanding bribes from them.

According to the association’s Chairman Kevin Mubadi says that the tension is threatening their security and quick intervention is needed.

“It is being brought by their constant demand for bribes…for some officers it is like a right… in the case of Rabin who was shot dead along Kirinyaga Road ,they refused to give out Ksh. 100 bribe to those  officers on duty,” he said.

The Bodaboda riders have been largely blamed by the society for not obeying traffic rules with some also engaging in crime with their bikes.

They have also been blamed for taking the law into their hands whenever an accident or a scuffle occurs.

But Mubadi insists that they have been taming those who take law into their hands giving the sector a bad name.

“Some of our members have been rowdy and unlawful that’s a fact and as an association we want to ask the officers to arrest such individuals. We don’t encourage hooliganism and mob justice…” he said.


The association has now partnered with the National Police Service for various sport activities to jostle out the ‘bad blood’ between them and men in uniform.

“We were in Nakuru where we organized a big tournament with police officers …all top police bosses were present and participated fully in the event ….we were able to redeem our image and also discussed widely on challenges affecting bodabodas and how we can improve,” he added.

‘‘We have also engaged other partners like betting companies where we have also come together to organise events and show case our talents. We were in Mombasa this weekend and this week we shall have another event in Western region. We want our riders to be known and those who have talents can also get opportunities elsewhere because we don’t want them to overstay as riders,’’ he added

By Allan Otieno


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