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Tension, Fear Grip Majengo Area After Escape Of Self-confessed Child Serial Killer

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Majengo residents in Pumwani area have expressed fear and worry following the escape of self-confessed serial killer Masten Wanjala’s from the police custody.

One of Wanjala’s victims was Junior Musyoki, a young boy from Majengo slums whom he allegedly lured to his death trap while playing football in the estate.

Musyoki’s mother Felista Wayua says that she did not sleep last nigh over fear that the suspected serial killer might decide to attack her and revenge for having him arrested.

“Mimi niko kwa hatari kwa sababu mimi ndie nilimshikisha na hatujui kama atalipisha grudge. Uhai wangu na mzee uko kwa hatari tuko kwa hatari kwa kweli,” said Wayua.

Wayua says that she has been unable to operate her business normally since the escape of Wanjala from police custody.

“…nimelia sana jana ata nimeenda soko saa tatu nikiogopa. Ata leo nitafunga six,” said Wayua.


Her 12 years old son was murdered by the suspect on 9th August.

During a media briefing, she recalled how Wanjala had called her asking for a ransom in order to release her son.

 She then reported him to Shauri Moyo Police Station and in turn had Wanjala arrested.

Wanjala had however already taken the life of the class six boy.

Tinega Damasen, a leader of Pumwani Residence Association expressed the terror of the parents of the children Wanjala killed.

Parents of the victims are concerned and claim they feel unprotected since Wanjala could be in their midst.

“We are very much concerned, the parents of the kids’ ambao waliuliwa. We are living in fear because we feel like our lives are in danger. We don’t know today, tomorrow or the next hour what might happen. Because Wanjala is out here.”





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