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Tension in Ikholomani as co-wives fight for dead husband’s body


There was tension in Ikholomani, Kakamega County on Thursday after two women fought over the body of their deceased husband.

The first woman of the deceased arrived from Nairobi demanding to be allowed to mourn her husband but was blocked by the co-wife.

The woman arrived in Ikholomani with her five children and was forced to sleep outside with her children after they were locked out of the homestead.

“Yesterday i was kicked out of the homestead with my children, we did not have a place to sleep. I only want to be allowed to lay my husband to rest,” cried the woman.

“My husband had six wives, this one was the sixth and not the second as she claims. She was married in 2016 and i have been with this man since 1991 and i bore him five children,” she cried.

The second wife however claimed that her husband had ended his relationship with the first wife and that they have not been together for a long time.

The deceased’s family however promised to take care of the issue and give the first wife a place to mourn her husband.

“The problem we are having is, the second wife is the one who has hosted Imbai, the first wife was not around when Imbai died. Our culture demands that the first wife has to have a place for mourning. We will handle all the children and the wives in equal measure,” stated a relative.