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Tension Remains High in Kimaiko After Muslims And Christians Clash

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Tension remains high in Kiamaiko Mathare after inter-religious conflicts that erupted in the area on Friday that left one person dead.

Church elders and Muslim elders have been making endless  peace meetings in church and mosques to  quell  down  the growing tension in the area.

According to Chege Ado an area resident says the  conflicts first erupted between Burji  Muslims who accused Burji Christian for  undermining  them .

Fighting then  broke between the two factions  before more Christians and Muslims joined.

‘‘The problem is Burji we don’t have much issues, let those Muslim Burji accept and tolerate  their Christian colleagues…if this is not realized  we are not solving anything..As we speak Muslims elders and Christians have been holding meeting to restore peace.’’ Ado said.

They have also blamed the police for using excessive force to disperse  rivals  especially on Friday.

Two churches were torched , mosques properties were destroyed and scores injured.

Meanwhile the police have tightened daily patrols as they also hunt  perpetrators .





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