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Terence wash wash series steals the entertainment show

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Instagram comedian Terence Creative has surpassed 190k subscribers and almost one million views on his YouTube channel in less than a week.

This is after he released his YouTube hit show “Wash Wash Bizness.”

According to Terence, the show which has been the talk of town since last week was aimed at educating people on the different ways investment fraudsters use to scam people.

“The purpose of this show is to entertain and mainly educate people on different ways investment fraudsters use to scam and lure victims to invest in their schemes” said Terence.

Terence says that he had no intentions of making part two of the show and that he only did that due to public demand.

 “This is due to public demand; people said lets continue we need to see more. We are trying to teach people not only entertainment but edutainment.”


The part two series has brought many Kenyans at a standstill especially because of his well imitated Lingala accent.

 “Ngafanya mambo na forex, kama nataka dollar, ngabadilisha ngapatia wewe …Ngamwaya kemikal….ngafanya biziness legit “among other terms he uses to converse in the show.

His Congolese tycoon dress code in the show is also to die for.

Terence has promised to release part three of the show soon.




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