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“Terrence’s wife is threatening me” Lady at the center of affair speaks out


Anita Soina the lady at the center of cheating allegations involving comedian Terrence the creative is now saying that her life is in danger.

In an interview with a Kenyan YouTuber, said that the comedian’s wife Milly Chebby has been threatening her life.

The lady also admitted to having an affair with Terence for months, despite the fact that he is a married man.

“At first I thought I didn’t care, but when it came to threatening my life and all that I had to be scared. At first Chebby threatened to shame me, I was scared because I’m not used to it and I’m not in the limelight like them. At least I asked Terence and he told me Chebby can’t do anything, so I knew she was not going to do anything, but the moment she started posting unaware videos of me and also wanting to send whatever people she wanted to send to me. There was a time we were on a call and she talked about Mungiki’s and if she denies, I will just give the call. She talked about unajua nilitaka kutuma watu wakuje kwako and akamention Mungiki”. said the lady

The lady also maintains that both the comedian and his wife have also been poking holes into his life.

A point where someone puts you in a tough situation that you ain’t used to and instead of waiting for the wound to heal, he keeps poking it. Calling me names and sending funny messages so as to use it against me. A point where I found myself so kind to someone who doesn’t care about damaging you. SO TOUGH!, This was my first time talking to Edgar but since episode 3 was out, I was being abused of giving info. It’s been hell of 4 and a half months now. My friends were fed up and couldn’t allow me to shhhhh! Anymore. Waking up to threats of “I have your messages with him, I have receipts) etc. Just to let you know, after this, they will build up stories to intimidate me. I will be here to accept what is true and deny what is not and everything I deny will be accompanied by evidence. And to y’all, I know most of you are waiting to troll me, karibuni pia. It’s a season that shall pass. I just need a dose of mental stability” she added

According to Terrence’s wife Milly, she knew about Anita Soina in June and even warned her to keep off her husband, but the ladykept on bothering the comedian and blackmailing him.

“I knew about Anita in June and kitu inaniuma I warned her and she kept coming back. I have cried so many times alone with my baby. Anita is doing this because Terence stopped the phone calls and whatever she was doing. It has been two months since this happened, you guys think Anita has been quiet?” she said

Chebby said she will do anything to fight for what’s hers even if the lady keeps poking hole into her marriage.

“People are saying nilitukana huyo dem, I would still do it on the next person who would come into my business. Stick to your lane. This chick was entitled, ananitumia emoji’s to show that she’s won. It was so painful, but again I saw this coming. I knew if she doesn’t speak, she would keep bothering Terence and blackmailing him. I’m glad she has spoken,” she added