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Terror Suspects Declines to Leave Kamiti Prison After  Acquittal

Marsabit terror suspect  Sheikh Guyo Gorsa Boru  who was charged with being a member of a terror group Al shabaab has refused to leave Kamiti Maximum  Prison  in fear of being  persecuted  by the state.

Sheikh Guyo  has opted to stay within the confines  of Kamiti Prison despite being released by  Chief Magistrate Micheni Wendy Kagendo.

Sheikh  through  his lawyer  John  Khaminwa has filed an application at the  high Court seeking protection once he leaves prison .

According to Khaminwa several suspects in the country who were arrested on accusations of being terrorists , charged and later acquitted cannot be traced , their families claimed that they were abducted by unknown people.

“The country  has history  of acquitted  persons  being  killed  or disappear  living  no trail,it is the  the duty if the state  to  protect  the life of it citizens, I pray that Guyo life is safe in custody  and the court should  protect  his life.” Khaminwa pleaded.

Guyo Gorsa Boru was accused of recruiting youths from Marsabit County to join Al shabaab terror group in somalia.

The   Prosecution side failed to prove that the accused was a member of the terror group Al Shabaab.

The court ruled that if the freed Sheikh want to continue staying at Kamiti Maximum Prison then he should meet his own expenses while at the Prison.

“The accused  is acquitted  and is at liberty  to walk  out of the custody, he may opt to stay  in custody  his constitutional  right expands  at his own expenses..but may  walk  out  like any other  Kenyan  subject  to report  any security  concerns.”Kagendo  ruled.

By Rodgers Oduor