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TGIF and campus nights

TGIF and campus nights

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Many youngsters wait for Fridays every week to usher in the weekend in “style” however this TGIF vibe is not only for youngsters.

Many aged men and women flock their drinking joints every weekend to ‘toa lock’ a term they associate with drinking and relaxation over the weekend.

Party life however in campuses especially over the weekend is totally crazy and full of rachetness and an uncalled for kind of behavior.

Club owners look forward to weekends to feed their ‘flock’ who show up tho quench their week long thirst.

Some of the clubs have even come up with weekend events dubbed “campus nights” which are practically events for campus going students and other youngsters. These events sell drinks to youngsters at slightly cheaper costs and entertain this group of revelers till they have had their fun.

TGIF is another term youngsters associate with weekends, the term simply means (Thank God Its Friday) another day to unwind and release the struggles of the week.

However not many club owners look forward to these kind of weekends because most revelers when drunk tend to cause mayhem in their premises leaving them with the burden of repairs.

Parents whose kids stay in camps hostels too have no clue what events transpire between Fridays and Saturday nights. This is when students who don’t drink are initiated into drinking and the term puff puff pass is literally put into play.

All in all Jay-z and Kanye once put it into better wording “Living yound and wild and free”


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