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The 2-Year Old Twins Murdered Kalenjin Artiste- Chelele Has Left Behind (Pics)


Diana-Chemutai-Musila-413x350(1)Kenyans are still coming to terms with the death of slain Kalenjin songstress,Diana Chemutai Musila popular as Chelele. Chelele’s body was found by a family member lying lifeless at her home on Saturday morning with deep stab wounds all over.

A number of celebrities,notably Barbra Chepkoech famously known as Waridi have eugolized the 30-year old artiste insinuating that Chelele had suffered domestic violence and had a troubled marriage life.

“Domestic violence is all over… speak out. I have been there and I thank God for being here today and able to share that it is best to leave,” wrote Waridi.

“It never gets better. If someone hits you once he will hit you again and again and finally kill you. Think of your children…your loved ones… your life…Say something and let’s not encourage anyone being abused to stay. No! Leave before it’s too late. Mapenzi ya fujo haifai,” she further added.

So unknown to many,Chelele had a set of twins who she has sadly left behind. The two-year-olds identical girls might face the challenges of being orphans following the demise of their young mum.

Waridi is also seen wailing for the two innocent kids who might not know what has begot them due to their tender age.

“How do I reach your babies? As a mother I cry for them. I would love to help because I know the pain of your child being taken from you. I know the fear of not being able to protect and be there for them. As mothers we go through that,” wrote Waridi who is currently in the US and a mother of three.

No arrest has been made following Chelele’s murder,though police are still carrying out investigations.

Meanwhile,check out the adorable twins in the photos below;