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The Actress Jackie Matubia to Reveal her Baby Daddy Soon


Zora actress Jackie Matubia is enjoying a renaissance as far as her popularity goes. This is due to the fact that two things are happening in her life currently.

Jackie announced she is pregnant with her second baby on 5TH January. She is also under pressure to reveal who her baby daddy could be.

Alleged reports emerged saying that her fellow actor Blessings Lung’aho known as Madiba in zora could be the mystery man.

In her socials, the mother of one shared a post saying where her motivation comes from. She wrote the quote on her Instagram.

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 “I’m strong because I never had the choice to be weak. If I fold who saves me?”  

In her earlier post, the former Tahidi High actress had noted that all she does is because of her daughter. She had gone  shopping to buy her daughter a tennis outfit.

“Was coming for one outfit,” she wrote before adding,

“Anyway she’s the reason I work as I do.”

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Matubia had her first child ,Zari Wanjiku with her Ex-husband Keneddy Njogu known as Nyongz who also was a pilot by profession. Two split up few years ago and not yet addressed what happened between them.

In like one week ago ,Jackie shared a conversation where a fan was asking her to expose the ‘wanted “Sasa picha ya mtu Jackie ni kitu ya Kuficha watu January surely?  Sasa Chebby unafanya tukose chai kwani?”

She shared a conversation urging Jackie to revel the mystery man. In response, Jackie told people to be patient as she will unveil the mysterious man soon. 

“Kuweni wapole chai nitawapea mimi mwenyewe very soon,” 

 On her Instagram post that she shared on 26th of january, Jackie it is a photo of her and Blessings AKA ‘Madiba’ captioned,

 ‘aki mapenzi wewe hey Madiba.’

The fans are so waiting impatiently to get to know who Jackies Babby Daddy is. By the caption of  ‘kuweni wapole’ they hope it will be really soon as the sun goes down.