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  • The Bahati’s have received backlash for their 750k “wash wash outfits”.
  • Many have since opined that the celebrity couple is lying on the exact amount of money spent on the outfits.
  • The Bahati’s revealed that they worked with a local stylist with an art of thinking outside the box.

Celebrity couple Bahati and Diana Marua are continuing to receive backlash for their 750k “wash wash oufits” which netizens think it’s all but a lie.

Taking to their social media networks, the couple shared a series of photos donning the matching patterned blue outfits.

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Bahati’s outfit was complete with a matching jacket which had double pockets same to his pants and shirt and stepped on white sneakers, he also accessorized his look with dark glasses.

On the other hand, Diana wore an off-shoulder short dress with a long slit with strappings placed around the slit area, she stepped on stilettos with strappings around her ankles and carried a matching purse.

In yet another photo, the couple pose with their friends notably the stylists who also don customized denim outfits.

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According to the Bahati’s, spending 750k on the outfits was not in vain since the stylist had a knack for excellence.

“We spend 750,000 ksh on our #washwash4 outfits. It was all worth it spending money on stylists that think outside the box” he stated partly.

Bahati further thought aloud on whether it was ripe to launch their new fashion line.

“Hi @bolobespoke and @MsMueni Should we start thinking about The Bahati’s Designs???” pondered Bahati.

The Bahati’s donning the 750k ‘wash wash4 outfits PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

Despite the celebrity couple stunningly standing out, netizens have found a reason to scold them on the outfits pricing.

Many have since opined that the celebrity couple is lying on the exact amount of money spent on the outfits.

We sampled a few of the comments below.

“Toa hizo zeros sasa”

“Naweza pata hiyo matirio na 800 pale gikomba”

“Hizi tisho za chwani ndo mnasema 750k aki life ya social media”

“Ni wash wash”

“Bahati huskii thao nne nadeliver the same outfit mpaka na change”

Do you believe the Bahati’s spent 750k on the outfits?

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December 14, 2023

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