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The blind stonemason from Rongai

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Mr. Kibuthi was born normal like other sons of his parents.

Unfortunately, blindness caught up with him at the age of seven and due to lack of resources to seek early medical intervention, he has become permanently blind.

Whereas he may not see with physical eyes, he is alert to opportunities of life. Unlike many of his kind, he doesn’t use his misfortune as an excuse to go around begging or lying down to wait to die.

On the contrary he has mastered the art of making stones without hurting his hands or fingers. It is as if his soul and spirit see in the stead of his eyes.

The occasional help of his supportive wife Millicent adds up as a guide in seizing every opportunity that comes his way.

He spends most of his day making build stones from large rocks together with his spouse which they sale to eke a living.

He urges young people and everyone to always brace ahead when challenges slap them in the face.

He says the worst thing for a man is to miss an opportunity and use their situations for excuse of the same.

“Disadvantages will always be there and so will be setbacks, if it’s not the eyes, it might be ears, or legs or a poor background, the weather, and the list is endless but if we maintain a fighting spirit and unwavering resilience, we always come out victors.” He said.

He is a perfect example of what a strong will can do against all odds

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