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The brains behind KimboCare


Franck Tiambo, the brains behind KimboCare, a technology innovation advancing healthcare and making a difference in patient careGood healthcare is a fundamental necessity to all and whilst it’s one of the fastest growing spaces in Africa, it still remains an inaccessible or compromised privilege to most underserved persons creating a growing concern amongst stakeholders eager to come up with ingenious ways to avail it.

One expert bringing such transformation to Africa is Franck Tiambo, co – founder of KimboCare; a digital health solution that allows you to pay for medical care for someone who can’t afford it.

Speaking about this impactful journey, Tiambo, a trained actuary says that the idea crystalized after his ambition to practice as a doctor failed to take off.

 “I promised to offer my abilities in understanding the risks underlying health insurance and create financial products that can benefit the downtrodden, so that they can access quality and affordable care.”

With demand for HealthCare being an evolving provision that constantly needs dedicated leaders, to oversee its overall distribution by helping it to navigate through the ongoing global issues by adaption of technological innovations across the globe and while Informed by his experience abroad, Franck and his co – founder, Murielle came face to face with the harsh reality facing financial transparency and traceability while attempting to help their loved ones access healthcare back home.

“They either did not use the money provided by us to visit a doctor as intended or when they did, they would not receive the right care, often getting back with a worsened condition thus, we decided to do something to address the issue,” he explains.

 Users simply download the App for free on their Android and iPhone handsets and then they create an account, a process that takes less than 3 minutes.”The prepaid medical services, known as KimboCare’s “health credits”, are available for use near instantly” he adds.

To meet the global target to provide accessible healthcare to all, especially those in remote areas, KimboCare has been able to leverage the high use of cell phones and the careful selection of quality medical facilities to bring this major innovation.

Coated with a vast and successful career in different capacities while in Europe, Franck says he takes delight in KimboCare’s impact on society.

“Nothing prides me more than creating a venture which is on a mission to help millions to get access to quality healthcare through a network of vetted clinics giving better opportunities to well-educated physicians to earn a living with dignity.

“The costs and the effectiveness of the care remain transparent for all the stakeholders. Additionally, KimboCare protects the privacy and security of every user involved in the transactions: “All the data is fully encrypted at all times which is a crucial element for building the trust in our solution”, says Franck Tiambo.

“Finally, we partner with a growing network of thoroughly vetted medical providers to deliver outcome-based care and outstanding patient experience in a sustainable way.”

Still in its infancy months of operation in Kenya, KimboCare is among top start-ups innovating in digital health worldwide according to the famous incubator Galen Growth and leading management consultancy McKinsey.

“Our main mission is to enable 30 million patients to have access to quality healthcare by 2030 in order to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“As leaders in the Health industry work hard to improve healthcare services for the betterment of underprivileged people, Franck through KimboCare is steadily raising the curve as an ultimate game changer for both healthcare professionals and patients making everyone happy and healthy.

“By looking at challenges as opportunities, one can turn something that was previously daunting into fuel that ultimately develops the healthcare industry needs solutions that lead to better patient outcomes at a lower total cost,” he proudly notes.

 Plausibly, with KimboCare, Franck’s vision is to make healthcare services more accessible and affordable to the millions of vulnerable and underserved Kenyans.


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