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The child is mine Diamond finally admits

I'm sorry Zari for cheating on you

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If you have been keeping up with the drama at the Chibu’s also known as Diamond Platnumz’s home, then you know that the Eneka hit maker has always denied fathering video vixen Hamisa Mobeto’s son.

However yesterday the singer shocked many when he admitted on an interview on clouds fm that the child, who was actually named after him is his and that he has been taking care of Hamisa and the child.

@hamisamobetto alipopata ujauzito. Nilimuambia mimi ni Baba mwenye familia yangu. Inabidi jambo hili libaki kati yangu mimi na wewe. Sikupenda kuikana Mimba, ni damu yangu na kila siku iendayo kwa Mungu nilikuwa nampatia matumizi.” he said.

He went on to add that during Hamisa’s pregnancy he bought her a brand new Rav 4 to help her move around easily.

“Kabla hajajifungua mimi nilimnunulia Rav 4 mpya kabisa sikupenda ateseke na mtoto. Na nilikuwa nampa pesa ya matumizi ya kiasi cha shilingi laki 5 kila wiki.” Diamond  Said.

The bongo star went on to say how guilty he feels of his affair and asked his wife Zari for an apology on air saying that he cannot break up with Zari and that Hamisa is only seeking attention and fame.

“Kikubwa leo nataka kumuomba samahani mke wangu @ZariTheBosslady na watoto wangu kwa makosa niliyofanya.Mimi siwezi kuachana na Zari nipo radhi kutembea kwa magoti kutoka hapa hadi Sauzi ili mradi anisamehe.” Diamond said.

Soon after Diamond’s interviews went viral an enraged Zari took to Snapchat to hit back at her man saying she has only been staying put because of their kids. She discredited a lot of what her husband said on air terming it as lies.

Zari even went a head to threaten Diamond with a defamation law suit.

“Haha you are playing yourself, the lies you telling about me knowing about your side chic. Try and fix your mess and stop with the lies. Me being quite doesn’t mean I am stupid. Be very careful with your words” Zari posted.

“I may be the mother of your kids and that’s the reason am keeping the silence and respect. You might want to Google about ‘defamation of character lawsuit’ Don’t try me!

That said I will pay no attention to this matter any further. I have an image in the corporate world. And that is at stake. Enjoy the rest of your day.”



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