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  • The church failed me, Willy Paul.
  • He was blacklisted from the mainstream media when he raised his voice.
  • He is currently promoting his newest album, Beyond Gifted.

Former gospel star Willy Paul has revealed that he left gospel music after being failed by the church. Willy Paul affirmed that he was needed to perform for free in most of the gospel gigs which saw him being blacklisted from the mainstream media when he raised his voice.

According to Willy Paul, his troubles in the ministry began the very moment he sought what was meant for him

“Pastor akikuita show ama promoter unaenda unapiga show unaambiwa ‘eeh Mungu akubariki, Mungu atafungua njia zako sasa Mungu surely si hiyo kipaji amenipatia ndio ilipie ata at least unaona so hiyo ndio kitu yenye walikuwa wanataka so vile nilianza kukataa vitu kama hizo kutumika apo ndio kila kitu ili go wrong” asserted Willy Paul.

The Sitolia singer further disclosed that the same gatekeepers were against his ‘urban swagger’ which they termed ungodly.

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A good example is Willy Paul’s song ‘Vigelele’ which was categorized as secular music.

“Wananiambia usifanye hii mziki alafu ukiangalia hiyo time na miaka yangu back then ndio nilikuwa nagrow unacheki so unapata song kama ile ya gospel ile ya Vigelele wakadai hii ni secular na wanasahau hiyo time mi ni kijana mdogo mwenye amejitolea kuduia God kazi” he explained partly.

Willy Paul’s ‘Beyond Gifted’ album cover PHOTO/INSTAGRAM


Mental Breakdown

The Saldido boss continued that during his fight with the gospel gatekeepers he had a real mental breakdown.

The Njiwa hitmaker noted that despite being ranked the country’s leading gospel star, he had nothing to smile about.

He further revealed that he was broke and depressed which could have driven him to an early grave.

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His fights with the men of God also saw his faith in the church diminish. However, he noted that that has since changed due to consistence prayers.

Willy Paul is currently promoting his newest album dubbed ‘Beyond Gifted’.


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