The controversial death of gospel singer Samuel Ilagosa popularly known as Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa has seen the church being singled out as a key player to the demise of the man of God. Has jealousy and ill will taken over our houses of worship.


With the news of his death traveling miles and miles away, a video of the Sala Zangu singer surfaced on social media while addressing ‘pulpit wars’ that had resulted to his food poisoning. At the tail end of the video, it depicts the picture of a man who was determined to bounce back. Is it that bad, a safe haven turning out as a death trap, really?

“Ati wanajaribu kunimaliza nisihubiri Yesu ati mzima tu ananipoison na anasimama kwa altar my friend mimi ni mbegu ya Mungu na siwezi nikaisha yaani Mungu yuko pamoja na mimi,Yesu number one i will preach Jesus the son of Vihiga County Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa jina langu mimi ni mbegu ya Mungu sifi asante sana” He stated.

Ringtone Mourns

Self proclaimed chairman of Kenyan gospel artist’s Alex Apoko commonly known as Ringtone was among the first public figure to break Ilagosa’s final bow.Looking beaten and with lot’s to share though ‘holding’, Ringtone made a few remarks terming Ilagosa’s death as shocking in the viral video shot at the precinct’s of the morgue.

“Nawaongelesha kama nasikia vibaya sana rafiki yetu Ilagosa ametuacha hapa tuko st Mary’s mortuary Langata na Ilagosa ameenda so nitawajulisha mambo mengine yote lakini Ilagosa ametuacha ni sawa tuombee familia asanteni “

Police Case

All eyes are now focussed on the law enforcers who are supposed to swing into action to unravel the mystery death of the gospel star.

The post mortem report is set to bear it all and bring closure to his death, Will our sleuths crack this code,Any prosecution’s in the offing? That’s the biggest question everybody is asking? Only time will tell.

By Steve Osaka.

February 6, 2023

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