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The Different Meanings Of The Seven Days Before Valentine’s Day


It’s about that time of the month where couples celebrate their journey and love. Valentine’s day is around the corner. Originally this day originated as a Christian feast day honoring early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine and through a series of change in tradition, it has become a day to celebrate love and affection worldwide.

What most people don’t know however is that valentine’s Day does not necessarily start on the 14th, as a saying goes, ‘every day is valentines’ meaning every day should be a day to express love and treat your partner right.

The month of February carries a lot of weight to the special day as it contains the 7days countdown to valentines which start from the 7th to 14th of February.

7 Feb: Rose day

On this day, people give roses and gifts to their loved ones as a sign of expressing their love for each other.

8th Feb: Propose day

This is the day to love your crush. This is the day where one gathers courage and expresses or reveals what they feel towards the other person.8this the day for proposals of all sorts. Its encouraged to make the proposal memorable and special.

9th Feb: Chocolate day

When you think of it, what’s more sweeter than love? Definitely has to be chocolates. So on this day its best to get your loved one a box of chocolates of her preference if you happen to know. This is just to let them know they are the sweetest thing on earth! Just a pointer, most women prefer dark chocolate and research says that it arouses them sexually as it contains natural stimulants that encourage blood flow.

10th Feb: Teddy day

A teddy bear is a stuffed doll, normally soft, cute and cushy. Teddies are popular gifts as they signify affection .They also tend to bring back childhood memories to people who used to play with them growing up. Gifting your loved one with a teddy implies that your partner should be cosy and comfortable around you.

11th Feb: Promise day

This is a day to make a vow to your loved one to stick by them in both good and bad times. This day majorly holds the importance of commitment of being together. On such a day, you can gift your partner a card written down how you wish to commit alongside your vows.

12th Feb: Hug day

Generally, hugs eradicate negative feelings such as loneliness and isolation among many others as well as build a sense of security and trust. Hugging your loved one expresses affection as they feel safe in your arms and makes them feel loved.

13th Feb: Kiss day

Kissing is an affectionate way of expressing love. This is because it’s a physical form of intimacy that makes you feel euphoria as well as the burst of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin. On 13th, a kiss of commitment is shared.

14th Feb: Valentine’s Day

This day marks the climax to the countdown. Loved ones spend quality romantic time with each other as they celebrate their love and commitment to each other. Some gift their loved ones with something they love or desire.

Having known this ,have you been loyal to the valentines countdown?