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The different types on Nairobi party animals

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By Elishifa Wangechi

Nairobians and majority of Kenyans look forward to the weekend, since it’s a period to catch up with friends for a beer or two. The bars might have been closed due to Covid-19, but this has somehow not stopped Nairobians from having fun. Here are the different types of Nairobi Party animals.

  1. ’Huyo siwezi patana na yeye weekday tunaweza jipata Naivasha ama Mombasa; In most cases I have heard Nairobians say this statement. This is a way of avoiding friends who will derail them after being asked to meet up or hook up for 1 beer on a weekday.

2. Leo nataka kulewa nibebwe na ambulance; Others before hooking up with friends, have the disclaimer of how high they want to get indicating that they are ready to drink with no limits.

Majority of alcohol advertisements will always have a disclaimer, ‘’ Excessive consumption of Alcohol is harmful to your health.’   But has it ever crossed your mind, what is not excess and what limit is advisable?

In a past research by NACADA, Nairobi leads in alcohol consumption, out of every group of 100 Nairobians , 18 have a  drinking problem (Alcohol disorder ) .

3.Tunakunywa Tulewe – This group cherishes company. They can never drink alone. Mainly when you visit a local joint the Notion is that they have to get drunk and that’s why you will find a group of two will down two bottles of whisky and others who will drink a whole crate of beer, this cuts across both genders.

4. The broke drunkards – this particular group will always be on the frontline when the squad is planning to buy a drink and will go ahead and suggest the drink to buy however rarely do they contribute. They are however always the funniest in the gang, so other members will always come through and get the drink …. Funny enough they end up being the most drank at the end of it all.

5. The wamchomezz of the gang– There is another lot that regardless of where you are they always blackout. This particular group mostly takes lots of alcohol within a short period of time with no water breaks or bitings. They are the “wamchomezz of the gang

I once came across a tweet, my guess was it must be a foreigner who had visited Kenya, he said, ‘’I’ll never drink with Kenyans again, these guys drink like there is no tomorrow.’’ Is it this bad? One would ask.

During an interview on #SareMadree show, Dr Augustine Mwiti who is the Senior Doctor at Phadam Hospital said that the recommended alcohol consumption is two beers for men and one beer for women daily. It actually helps in digestion. He went ahead to explain that the beer should have an alcohol percentage of 4.2 percent for those who like whisky you are only advised to take one shot a day since the alcohol percentage is quite high.

With this information are you alcohol  dependent  or you are a responsible drinker? 


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