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The Evolution Of The Kenyan Music Industry

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Kenyan music has been through various transformations in the past growing its roots from the famous zilizopendwa l, taarab from the coast to the current hip hop trends that tend to emulate the western style of music.

Growing up for some of us names such as Daudi Kabaka, Owino Misiani, Fadhili Williams and Suzzan Owiyo rocked the air waves with smooth sailing songs of love and social issues.

The trend takes a major turn in the late 90s and early 2000s when names such as E-sir, sauti sol,Longombas,Nameless, Big pin, Gidi gidi maji maji and K-rupt emerge with a different style of pop music and hip hop ish feel. The music flow went from the ‘taxi driver’ ‘afro’ feel to ‘Boomba train’

As a fact it is the once famous music duo gidi gidi majimaji who managed to keep the soft flow of the music with their song ‘many face’ a song that was produced by Gallo Record company in 2003.

Fast forward to 2008 up to 2017 Kenya has witnessed the rise of a new breed of artistes who are a mix of Hip hop, Crank, RnB and even abit of Rhumba.

Octopizzo, Elani, King Kaka, Sage, Le band, Femi one, MDQ are just but afew names that rock the current Kenyan airwaves.

And as much as the industry has moved from ‘zilizopendwa’ feel some of the current artistes still try to incorporate the old school feel in their songs bit with a new school twist and such is the case with Wyre’s sina Makosa.

With the constant music change in trends one cannot keep stay in the feel comfortable in the same position and therefore we can only wait and watch out for what next.

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