Footballer among those who lost their lives during Riverside attack

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The football and entertainment industry is mourning the demise of James Oduor popularly known as ‘Odu Cobra’

Odu was among those who lost their lives at the Dusit D2 attack on Tuesday evening.

Odu was trapped in the building and had taken to twitter hours before his demise to inquire about what was happening.

“Waaaah. What’s happening at 14 Riverside fam? Any news from out there? “reads his last Tweet.

Cobra, who worked at LG Company in the Customer Service Department situated at 14 Riverside, was trapped inside the offices on Tuesday evening when the attacks started.

Football Kenya Federation Nick Mwendwa led tributes for the man described by sports journalists as a ‘ray of hope’ in Kenyan football.

“Fare thee well my friend. Your good spirit will live on in football. You did your part. We shall do ours and remember you,” said Mwendwa

Friends and family members have also sent out their condolence messages.

“Woke up to the saddest news ever,,Lost a very close childhood friend in yesterday’s attack, this is so sad and hard to believe. Rest well with the Angels, my friend @odu_cobra..and Today is his birthday too,” wrote singer Kristoff

“My friend from university was killed on the eve of his birthday. This was his last tweet. He was one of the nicest, happiest people I’ve ever met. Rest well, Odu, nind maber. The world is better because you lived” wrote Larry Madowo

“So hard to believe you’re gone! Fare thee well brother” said his cousin Roy Radido

“Rest well my dear cousin. You did not deserve this. I’m so heartbroken” Said Juliet Tayieko

Ghetto Radio presenter Curtis who was a good friend of Odu has also described him as a staunch Ghetto Radio fan and a jovial and funny person

“He was a jovial person, funny & loved football a lot, he was to join our Ghetto Radio team tomorrow as we face Sportpesa FC lakini he didn’t make it, Sad he left a young family, always took his daughter to matches, he’ll always be remembered with his hashtags #mtotowakariakor #watuhawafraii. INNALILAHI WAINA LILLAHI RAJIUN (RIP)” said Curtis

Odu is survived by his wife and daughter.