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The Forgotten Historical Kamukunji Grounds

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A section of Shauri Moyo residents are calling for the renovation of the historical Kamukunji Grounds.

The residents say that the grounds have been neglected and left in a deplorable state despite its rich background in shaping the country’s political history.

Caleb Anyanzwa a resident of Shauri Moyo says that apart from being a historical ground, the ground is being used as a social amenity.

Anyanzwa has accused the Kenya Power Company of carelessly placing a high voltage power-line on the ground thereby putting  the lives of thousands of people using it at risk.

“The histroy of Kamukunji Sports Ground, dates back to Kenya’s pre-independence history, it is sad that we have a high voltage power-line that has been positioned in the middle of the ground and this is a place that is being used during public functions, celebrations and public participation meetings,” stated Anyannzwa.

Anyanzwa says that street families have also invaded the grounds, posing a major security threat to the residents.

Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan had in 2016 requested that the ground be made into a national monument following the groundbreaking political rallies that have been held there.

“The Kamukunji Grounds hosted the Saba Saba rally that brought an end to the one party rule ushering in new ear of multiparty democracy,” he said in a notice of motion tabled in the National Assembly.


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