• Some Jumbo diapers cost  more than 1500Ksh
  • Parents changing from diaper use to nappies

There is a very common phrase that majority make fun of,  that  ‘’Condoms are cheaper than diapers’’

Diapers are worn by infants,toddlers who are not yet toilet trained and by children who experience bed wetting.

High cost of diapers

But sadly the high cost of diapers is forcing parents back to the napkin era or washable diapers .

On a normal day a new-born  might require 10 diaper changes.

Parents want their children feeling comfortable on a daily, and frequent diaper change is crucial since it helps prevent diaper rash, skin infections which might cause other serious problems.

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Parents speak out

Mr Kennedy,admits that it was easier when his now 4yr old son was younger since the cost was not on the high, he admits to buying diapers in bulk back then.

The case is however different , with a new addition to his young family, He’s purchasing the most affordable brand and there are instances he has found himself purchasing a single diaper going for  15ksh to 25ksh depending on the brand .

‘’Manze imekuwa ngori,kuna time hata unaenda kiosk unabuy mbili ama tatu, ndio usiku mtoi awe na diapers’’ He Says

John, a father of one says it’s not been a walk in the park, He thanks his friends and family who  visited them,and brought them diapers.

In addition He says they have also resulted into buying what they can afford.

‘’Mabeshte walikam through sana ,mjunior akiwa a few months ago  na wakaleta stock imetushikilia ,but kwa saa hii unabuy kulingana na mfuko’’

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The Napkin Era

Nappies  are slowly being adapted by some, since once soiled  they are removed and washed, dried for use again.

‘’Mimi sasa vitambaa, na nguo hatuvai ndio zinatumika kufungia mtoto kwa sababu hizi zingine ,bei iko juu’’ lamented a mum of four


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