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The Innocent Kevin facing jail!


IMG_9873Kevin thought he had a good deal on a laptop from a friend who works at a computer shop located at the CBD.As it is being loyal to your circle of friendship he purchased  the laptop at a good price. But since it was a ‘back door deal’, there was no receipt since he was convinced by the friend that it was legit and brand new.

Two months down the line, his laptop started having issues in terms of execution. Kevin realized he must have been duped. He returned it to the friend’s shop but unfortunately his friend was no longer working at the shop. He tried persuading the shop owners that he bought the laptop from the same shop but the owners denied having sold such an item.

The accounts from the shop did show that the Laptop was still available at the store by the use of the laptop serial number; in short the laptop was never sold meaning Kevin had to explain how he got it. He was already a suspect in this case and could be jailed!

Lesson learnt…

Buying a product is just not about the price; after all they say ‘cheap is expensive’, as Kevin’s case. There is more into it like:

  1. Is the product genuine?
  2. Does the product has a warranty, and for how long?
  3. Any aftersales services of the product purchased?

Officemart takes this seriously and guarantee customers nothing less of legit products, If only Kevin knew about OFFICEMART.

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Buying from Officemart is a relation that will make an enjoyable experience for all valued customers

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Certified partners– They have partnered with major brands of certified partners, this gives them an edge by being able to connect clients directly and quickly resolve issues

Being in the business for over 15 years they have the experience to serve so many loyal customers.

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