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Grammy Award winning roots reggae band Steel Pulse leading vocalist David Hinds experienced an out of this world vibe in Kenya during his short stop over and he couldn’t hide his joy for the moment.

Hinds was first drawn to Kenya five years ago when he visited Ethiopia-the land of the Haile Sellasie who defeated the Italians at the battle of Adowa, he had passed through the Kenyan Airport on his way to Addis Ababa and felt an aura never seen before in other African countries.The images of spears and shields carried the true picture of Africanism.

“I made my first visit to East Africa when I hit Ethiopia five years ago and I had just to see the land that Haile Sellasie had been defending, the land that has brought hope to all of us in the diaspora for the only country that was never colonized that’s how we know it so I passed through Kenya once but only at the airport and I saw the big difference between the Kenyan vibe at the airport versus what I see in West Africa it was a different kind of vibe, I felt like a real African for me you know when I see images of spears and shields, I don’t see that in the airports in West Africa but I saw that when I was in Kenya “Narrated Hinds.

Oncoming Concerts .

David Hinds revealed that he was in the process of organizing concerts in East Africa in the near future.He mentioned Tanzania and Uganda with Kenya standing out through it’s rich history in the fight for freedom and humanity.

” Am here now and we trying to organize a show, a few shows within Eastern part of the continent you know Tanzania we’ve had recent talks there’s also been talks of Uganda as well but Kenya was a must for me, the land of the Burning Spear, the original burning spear, the land of Dedan Kimathi, he’s a man I admire him through history, so am here now so to come up more often for the people I know that love Steel Pulse the most “revealed Hinds.

Hinds has six children with the eldest at the age of 45 and the youngest at age 10.

Hinds further disclosed that he was looking forward to giving back to the Kenyan community the same way he has helped build schools and hospitals in Ghana.He has also contributed immensely to the African community in the Us during the hurricane and earthquake catastrophes.

Feet Cleansed In Kibra At Haile Sellasie Rastafari Foundation

During his short stint, Hinds had his feet cleansed at the Haile Sellasie Rastafari Foundation in Kibra. The visit had been preceded by an earlier interview at Kenya’s leading Reggae station – Ghetto Radio on the mid morning show run by Shide alongside high flying desk man Double Trouble.

The station’s honcho Majimaji also had a candid talk with the veteran reggae singer.

The feet cleansing was done by Elder Lojuron,it signified service to humanity, a connection to the Rastafari ancestors and barring of evil spirits that might stand in Hinds path.

It was a hot water bath with marijuana oil used in giving a soothing sensation, heavy chanting took center stage during the occasion. He was also gifted with bracelets bearing the Kenyan flag and sandals made from old tyres all customized at the Rastafari foundation.

Elder Lojuron revealed that they were in process of putting up a Nayah Bingi Tabernacle in their one acre piece of land in Matuu.He also reached out to the government to end marijuana persecutions. Ghetto Radio’s Changamka Host Edgar Liberator spearheaded Hinds visit and he was upbeat for more good vibes to follow.

Are you ready for Steel Pulse?Well, You better get ready for roots reggae is finally coming home.

By Steve Osaka.


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