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The Love Of reggae In eastlands


Pilsner Kenya in conjunction with Ghetto Radio and Trublack entertainment launched the Stand tall stride on club tours at Buruburu Hornbill kaginas in Nairobi. Entertainment was provided by Ghetto Radio crew of DJ Double Trouble and Shiideh, Muzikal Sherif, MC Philipo and the Gravity band…

According to those who attended the event, they love reggae because it helps them cool down when one has pressure.

They also said that they support pilsner because they decided to join hands with reggae which helps them cool down under pressure.

“Napenda reggae juu ni ngoma inafanya msee anatulia kama unapressure kimaisha ukikula reggae yako sahi unatulia mambo inakuwa sawa. Leo nimekuja kusupport pilsner juu inakuanga beer moja true na since wameamua kupiga shuguli na reggae inabidi pia sisi tusupport pilsner kama mafans wa reggae. Kamuni tukule reggae na mapilsner,” said Muli.

Dj Dido Ranks who was playing reggae at the event said that people requested a lot of reggae songs but the one that was requested most was Try to hypnotize me by Echo Minott.

Gravity Band drumist performing during the launch. Photo/Ghetto Radio

The Dj said that people love the song because the lyrics talk about the reality of life and how people treat each other.

“Ngoma nyingi zimekuwa requested kama zakina Bob Carlos na kwa madem kina Joyce bond but yenye imekuwa requested sana ni Trying to hypnotize me.unajua lyrics yake inaongea kuhusu reality kwa life, kuna watu wantry kukuleta chini wanakuvuruta nguo chini na unataka kupanda,” said the DJ.

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The song Try to hypnotize me was sung by reggae musician Echo Minott and was released on YouTube in the year 2008.

Awarding one of the ravellors during the pilsner launch at Hornbill Club on 7th August 2021. Photo/Milo George


According to Echo Minott he wrote and released the song to educate people how the government manipulates people, essentially hypnotizing them into believing what they say with the help of the television.

The event was a success and reggae lovers at Buruburu were happy for being recognized by a big brand, Plisner Lager Bia Bazu from East Africa Breweries.

The reggae lovers at Buruburu appreciated Plisner for being a ‘real and cool’ drink and for bringing such a reggae experience closer to them.

Pilsner brand ambassadors during the event at hornbill Buruburu. Photo/Milo George