Saturday midmorning, during the #SareMadree show one of our listener sent in a comment and he opened up about his struggle with alcoholism and confirmed that it was the root cause of his relationship/new marriage wrangles and he regrets it, and wants help, He has tried cutting down on his alcohol consumption but he keeps going back to the same old habit,

Luckily on today’s show we had David Mugendi an addiction Psychologist /Counselor (working with Nueva Esperanza Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre In Nrb ) I sought to find out, how do you know you are getting to the addiction point, How do you know the relationship you have with your ‘Drug of choice is edging closer to addiction

Loose Track of your Finances

In case you find yourself loosing track of your finances it’s time to evaluate what you are spending your money on, most cases persons tend to spend more money on their drug of choice and it can also get to a point you borrow to maintain buying your preferred ‘’drug’’.

Poor Hygiene

It’s the simplest things happening around you that might pass unnoticeable that could be the warning sighs of sinking into dependency ,your apartment or room staying unkept most of the time is something to watch out for

Lost interest in your Hobbies
Probably you used to go to the gym and all over sudden you loose interest ,could be something as postponing doing your laundry to join your Friends drinking , being available when friends call and not giving a second thought your availability if invited somewhere where Your ‘’drug of choice’’ is accessible and readily available.

The above are a few sighs that might Sounds very normal to the majority of us ,but are probably early sighs that your drug of choice me be slowly taking control over you.

By Elishifa Wangeshi

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