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  • Counting distance from Nairobi starts at Nairobi Milliary Stone
  • The monument was built in honour of the first man to drive from Mombasa to Nairobi
  • Galton-Fenzi later found East African Automobile Association

Times without number you have heard someone say some else is about 300 or 170 kilometers from Nairobi.

But do you know from which point in Nairobi they start the counting of these figures. This point is referred to as THE NAIROBI MILLIARY STONE!

The Nairobi milliary stone which is situated next to the Teleposta building (GPO) is a monument that many people pay little regards to but as the point zero of Nairobi where all distances in Kenya have been measured from e.g Nairobi to Mombasa,Kisumu, Marsabit and even regional like Nairobi to Juba.

The monument was errected in 1939 in memory of Lionel Douglas Galton-Fenzi was the first man in January 1926 to drive from Mombasa to Nairobi, co-driven by Capt. Gethin.

Many Firsts

Their road trip took more than a week! The Galton-Fenzi memorial monument next to GPO is in his honor. He founded the East African Automobile Association besides devising Kenya’s road system.

This monument is also called the Nairobi-Nairobi point zero as it was at the point from which distance from and to Nairobi and other parts of the country was measured.

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It is situated at the junction between Kenyatta Avenue and Koinange Street. Many people mistakes it to a grilled tomb. We pass here every day.

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