By Elishifa Wangechi

The Christmas holiday is arguably the longest festive break, majority take a break from their normal work schedule a few days before xmass and resume after the New Year Dawn.

It’s a time where family gatherings are pretty common especially if your family tree is still very functional however some choose to spend Christmas in the city without travelling upcountry due to what they term as dysfunctional family tree… (Story for another day)

Among the very people who enjoy this long break are the House helps, some would prefer to call them Nannies or house managers.

The last few days as I scroll different social media pages I have come across different posts where employers are ranting how their House managers decided to go MIA on them with some completely switching off their phones.

Surprisingly majority of the Employees seem to have had an amicable agreement on when they were to travel back and some went an extra mile to dig deeper into their pockets and give them some extra cash for the festive season, but all this gestures did not really impress most nannies and they have decided to call it quits with some requesting their employers to get rid of any items they might have left behind.

Am seated here wondering, do you see any red flags as an employer?  Are there any signs to look out for that might give you hints that your nanny is about to pull an exodus on you? Is it true that in such cases the employers are to be blamed?

Or is it a matter of holding on to hope that your nanny will be back especially after the Christmas break?

January 10, 2023

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