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Nubians in Kisumu living in deplorable conditions

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By Jacob Oluoch

Members of the Nubian community in Kibos, Kisumu County are living in deplorable condition following the demolition of their houses by the Kenya Railways Corporation.

The court had given the residents a reprieve after the demolition allowing them to construct temporary structures on the land as the dispute gets resolved.

The residents claim that their current structure is exposing them to diseases like cholera and even covid-19.

“Our lives are not good, when it rains, it gets into our tents. We have small children and elderly women who are being exposed to illnesses,” stated one resident.

The residents also claim that currently, they have only one toilet that is serving hundreds of them and is not in good condition.

“We don’t have a good toilet , we have one whose floor is made of Iron sheet  and small in size and share amongst us all,” she further said.

They have requested the county government of Kisumu to hasten the completion of the said  temporary structures to ease the over crowding.


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