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  • Raila Odinga hints at protests in early 2024 against the high cost of living.
  • The government is set to increase service charges in 2024 to raise more revenue. 
  • Ruto and Riggy G are confident the economy is on the recovery path. 

Raila Odinga has hinted strongly at the return of the street protest against the high cost of living in early 2024. However, President Ruto and his deputy are confident of the economic recovery, stating we are on the right path.

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Raila Odinga while delivering his Christmas message in a coded manner asked Kenyans to be ready when he blew the whistle. By this, he meant ready to take part in the protests if the current unbearable state of the economy persists.

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“We sent our Azimio team to tell the government that the situation is unbearable, but it seems they are not listening and instead more taxes are being levied. Ready yourselves for action to pressure the government to act.” Raila Odinga in Kitale during Governor Natembeya sponsored sports tournament.

President Ruto and DP Gachagua confident of the economy
President Ruto and his DP, Gachagua at an airport departure. Photo Courtesy


Even as pressure mounts for repealing of the Finance Act 2023 that introduced new wave of taxes earning Ruto the nickname Zakayo, him and his deputy have communicated confidence in the economy growth.

They are optimistic of better times ahead in 2024 and beyond. In different occasions, both have likened the situation to Kibaki’s golden era that saw the economy transform.

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More earning deductions are underway in 2024 as the government intends to fully implement the Social Health insurance Fund which seeks to deduct up to 2.75% of gross pay from employees.

Although the Housing Fund is facing legal challenges, President Ruto is determined to revamp and have it enshrined in law which will see also people from informal sector contribute.

The government is also set to increase service charges rumored in early 2024 which are bound to create more concerns on Kenyans.

Service Charges set to increase.

New ID Charges: New ID applicants will have to pay Ksh300, while replacements cost Kshs1000.

Standard 34-page Passport application will now cost Ksh7,500 up from Ksh4,500

Ordinary 50-page Passport application will now cost Ksh9,500 up from Ksh6,000

Ordinary 66-page Passport application will now cost Ksh12,500 up from Ksh7,000

SGR at the Railway Station. Photo Courtesy


Train Charges are also set to go up due to the rise in fuel and energy costs.

First class SGR from Nairobi to Mombasa will cost Ksh4,500 up from Ksh3,000

Economy class from Nairobi to Mombasa will cost Ksh1,500 from Ksh500

Matatu PSV at a bus stop. Photo Courtesy


On Public Service vehicles subject to public participation, PSV with 6-8 passengers will cost Ksh5,400 up from Ksh2,700 while 26 passengers will cost Ksh8,900.

Vehicle inspection charges will also increase, 1000cc will cost Ksh3,400 from Ksh1,700 while 3001cc will be Ksh16,000 up from Ksh8,300.

As it is, with more deductions, logic has it that life will be more unbearable in 2024. However, the President and his deputy are confident and optimistic of better times.

Are the protests necessary or we wait and see as we endure the pain?



December 27, 2023

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