Death Row records co-founder Suge Knight, claims involvement in covering up evidence during Snoop Dogg’s murder case.

In Summary:

• Suge Knight claims to have taken part in evidence tampering to aid in Snoop’s murder trial.

• The legal implications of the rap mogul’s allegations if proven true.

Controversial music mogul Marion “Suge” Knight has recently made claims suggesting his involvement in covering up the truth during Snoop Dogg’s murder trial.

Suge Knight[left] & Snoop Dogg[Right]
The revelation has renewed interest in a case that dates back to the ’90s. Thus raising questions about Snoop’s proven innocence.

Murder Was The Case

The murder trial in question took place in 1996, involving the shooting death of Philip Woldemariam, an alleged gang member, outside nightclub in Los Angeles. Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg and his then-bodyguard, were both charged with murder.

Snoop Dogg and his then-bodyguard in court during murder trial/Photo Courtesy

Suge Knight, the co-founder of legendary Death Row Records, which signed Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre & 2Pac, was a prominent figure during this period in hip-hop.

Suge Knight, Tupac & Snoop Dogg/Photo Courtesy

Known for his involvement in various legal issues, Suge’s latest claim raises questions as he hints at his role in manipulating the truth during the trial.

Knight’s Allegations

During the second episode of his podcast, Collect Call With Suge Knight, the mogul suggested that he played a significant role in covering up crucial details during the murder trial to protect Snoop.

“If it weren’t for me, Snoop would still be in prison doing life,” claimed the mogul.

Suge Knight during an interview/Photo Courtesy

Suge continued, “The n*gga got shot with a .380, right? But since Snoop had the .380 and the bodyguard had a 9mm, all the bodyguard gotta say is he was using .380 bulets in his 9mm,” described Suge.

Furthermore, Knight claimed to have spent $6million to help cover up loose ends.

Legal Implications

Knight’s admission, if proven true, could have serious legal consequences. Tampering with evidence or preventing justice are serious offenses that can lead to criminal charges.

As the public awaits further responses from those involved, Suge Knight’s statements remain uncertain, leaving room for speculation and debate within the music and legal communities.

Do you think Suge could be telling the truth? Or is he just chasing clout to boost ratings on his new podcast? Rudi Nyumbani.

November 14, 2023

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