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The revival of the Kenya Sevens Rugby team

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Kenya rugby 7s poor performance in the HSBC World Series last season had all fans worried, with many left wondering what had become of the once successful side.

The team finished just two positions above relegation zone, and were it not for the return of Andrew Amonde and Dan Sikuta the story would have been much different and much worse.

A couple of changes at the Kenya Rugby Union have seemingly boosted player confidence and performance. The appointment of New Zealander Paul Feeney as head coach is one such change that seems to have worked wonders.

The return of senior players in the likes of Willy Ambaka,who’s yet to hit peak form,as well as Billy Odhiambo and the potential return of rugby great Collins Injera who’s recovering from a shoulder injury,Oscar Ouma and Samuel Oliech have reportedly returned back to camp. With that the quality of play the Kenya 7s team has been exhibiting so far is set to improve.

With two tournaments down and ten to go as well as the Olympic games in Tokyo, fans can expect that Kenya 7s can bag atleast two world series tournament titles and the Olympics’ gold medal.

Forwards Firing from All cylinders

Forwards seem to be firing from all cylinders with Vincent Onyala leading the pack ,with his cut out sidestep and well worked dummies that have sometimes led to collision of heads by the opponents and his ability to read play and get into spaces is unmatched.

Andrew Amonde is his usual self,getting into the breakdowns with a keen intention of dominating them.

Alvin Otieno ‘Buffalo’ has finally booked his place at the big boys’ table,showing that fine form that got him called up to the national team in 2016.

He’s increasingly leaving more and more opponents in physical shock and trauma with each and every run he makes,taking out two or three defenders per run.

Bush Mwale another younging that’s worth a mention. Executing clever plays at the breakdowns,especially the rucks, plus with his added speed advantage he’s gone sooner than most opponents can comprehend.

With that it is safe to say that Kenya 7s will be challenging for the major titles this season,fans need to expect better tidings than last season.

Kenya Sevens face South Africa, England and Japan in Pool “B” at Hamilton Sevens, where the format has changed seeing the pool winners move straight to the semi-finals.

Pool “A” has New Zealand, Scotland, USA and Wales. France, Ireland, Canada and Spain make Pool “C”, while Fiji, Argentina, Australia and Samoa will battle in Pool “D”.

Kenya is currently placed 11th in the 2019/2020 World Rugby Sevens Series with 15 points, having finished 13th in Dubai for four points.

They would settle seventh after reaching the Cup quarterfinals in Cape Town for 11 points.



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