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The rise and fall of DJ Mo


By Claret Adhiambo

Nation Media on Sunday officially unveiled a replacement for scandal hit Gospel Deejay Sammy Muraya popularly known as DJ Mo.

Mo has apparently been missing from Cross Over 101 since October last year when his sex scandal with a lady known as Margaret Wanyama hit the headlines.

The DJ who has been hosting the show since time immemorial was replaced by DJ Son Of Nations on Sunday.

The announcement by NTV that DJ sons Of Nation was officially going to take over Crossover 101 put a nail on hopes that Mo, the show’s legend might come back.

But just where did the rains start beating Mo?

Many people speculate that it was the thirst to drive numbers to his Reality Show with Size 8 that was running on NTV with fake scandals.

The show that had a bad start on TV saw the two pull stunts that at first worked for them only for the last one pitting them fighting in public to backfire on their faces.

It is that scandal that opened a Pandora box to alleged sex scandals that DJ Mo has been facing.

Margaret Wanyama the lady who claimed to have had a relationship with Mo, reached out to blogger Obare with screenshots of their alleged relationship.

In the leaked conversations, the lady claims she has been secretly seeing Dj Mo since 2016. She even claimed that she got pregnant for DJ Mo only for him to turn his back on her.

The allegations drew wild reactions from Kenyans with some of Cross Over 101 fans calling for the resignation of Mo.

Well as they say kilicho na mwanzo hakikosa mwisho, DJ Mo’s reign on the show has lived to that saying.