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The Streets Got My Back, Mejja Slams YouTube


By Steve Osaka

High flying Genge artist Mejja Okwonkwo commonly referred to as Mtoto wa Khadija has fired back at YouTube for failing to feature his song “Siskii” in the trending list.

This is despite the song garnering more than 350k views in less than three days.

“Nimenyimwa trending but ni poa bora niko na Mungu na Wagenge niko sawa!!! You can’t stop the streets shukran Wagenge#Siskii” Wrote an agitated Mejja on his Instagram page.

This came as a shocker to the Star who has previously produced songs that have ended up on the trending list such as the chart busting ‘Utawezana’ featuring female emcee Femi One.

The omission of Mejja from the trending list might have been attributed by the presence of a woman wielding a knife chasing the Star in the video depicting violence in abusive relationships.

This contravenes YouTube’s community guidelines and policies which advocate for clean non violent visual forms.