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The Synonymous Caltex Dream

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Most young people have dreams of prosperity, financial freedom, and happiness and to enjoy their living.

It is that inner desire for greatness that makes most people to keep pushing their limits. However some get further exploring opportunities far beyond their wildest imaginations.

For instance, Muchoki, from Embu dreamt of   becoming a   machine plant operator while he was a boy growing up.

The societal stereotypes of the job and his village environment were convincing him to throw his dreams out the window and become a driver. His peers would mock and tease him.

They would call him names him names to discourage him. On the contrary, the more they did this, the stronger his resolve to pursue his dreams became.

He   still   kept   on   designing   and   building    caterpillar   toy    trucks.  These efforts earned him a nickname: “Wamatinga”, translated   as, somebody   who loves operating earth-moving    machines’.

Immediately   after   his  school   he   joined   a  technical  college   and  pursued  a  plant  operating  course.

The   seven   year   experienced   Wamatinga   is   now   one   of   the   best   top   ranked   machine plant   operators   in   Embu   county.

He shared his experiences with the Caltex BebaBeba   promo   team.

He explained that there are times his engine failed on duty costing   him   a lot.  The diagnosis of the breakdown prompted him to start using Caltex Engine oil after he was told that it had been caused   by some   deposits   from   the oil   he   had   used previously.

He states that the Delo engine oil performs fantastic without hitches. Starplex Caltex   grease also serves him best for the fast driven miraa (khat) vehicles and is the best for bearing   maintenance   and    protection.

He accrues his low operational costs and increased profit to the efficiency of Caltex products and no breakdowns.

Timothy from Meru is another success story of Caltex. From its inception Caltex works tirelessly to preserve motor engines as has always been.

Likewise Muchoki always desired to be a mechanic and sure to his dreams he is an exemplary mechanic today.

About five years ago he was using engine oil from other brands other than Caltex. He would have issues with their engines with rampant breakdowns.

Sometimes some clients would never come back and never said a word. His fortunes changed when he visited his mechanic friend in Nairobi who introduced him to Caltex products.

Today, his customers are a happy lot and their numbers have increased from serving about 3 cars per day to 12 cars in a day.

The   excited Timothy congratulated    the Caltex BebaBeba    team   for   visiting Meru and   mostly   for    rewarding    him   as    a way   of appreciating    his choice    for DELO oil.

During the Caltex BebaBeba promotion in Meru and Embu in the first week of April 2018, many gains were made.

The clients got enlightened on the uses of the various Caltex products; the team made a lot of sales especially in Embu and the customers trust for Caltex was restored.

Most said they had given up after the products of Caltex were rare in the market. With assurances from the Caltex promo team, the dealers made cash purchase and others placed orders for later deliveries.

The next garage storming will be in Dagorreti corner and kiserian on Wednesday 11th April.






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