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The Tale of Two Extravagant Grannies Who Used To Be Top Government Officials. (Video+Pics)


NYANYE1 (3)Talk of Projects. Tusker “Project” Fame, “Project” X and now this “Project Nyanye!!!”

Well,i must say “Project Nyanye”(Retro Grannies ) is the best project you’ve ever heard or watched.

Project Nyanye is a fiction film from a Kenyan Photographer, Osborne Macharia trying to counter the lives of extravagant retired grannies who used to be top government officials.

The concept is so rich than any other creation with a taste of vintage swag and class all blended somewhere in Somalia dishing their “Malipo Ya Uzeeni”.

The makeup artiste and stylist in this film should also be commended for proving that indeed,”Beauty is Ageless”.

Osborne was the mastermind behind the Maumau fiction work years back. His creativity is beyond mediocre imagination and originality on the ‘A’ game.

Check out the photos of the three “Nyanyes” with class and swag below plus a teaser video below;