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The Toxic Fitness Culture

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Body Image has always been a sensitive topic especially for women as their body types get in and out of fashion like clothes. Throughout the decades preferred women body types have alternated between Petite and thick. 

The trend has however changed this decade, with the preffered body type being ‘slim thick’ which is a slim figure with some of the body parts accentuated.

Social media and the rise of influencers has made the situation worse with companies profiting from peoples body insecurities to sell their products.

Influencers mascarade body shaming calling it healthly living, glorifying athletic bodies while shunning all other body types. The believe that one has to look slim to be physically fit is misleading as fitness involves having a healthy % of body fat which can be achieved without being slim.

The promotion of fitness for the sole purpose of weight lose while preaching body positivity and posting quotes about how everyone is beautiful in their own skin is hypocritical of influencers.  


The pressure to look a certain way has led to influencers going under the knife to achieve the slim thick look. A recent example is Tanasha Donna, who is being accused of allegedly failing to pay the bill for her cosmetic surgery amounting to Ksh.850, 000.

A celebrity who has openly admitted to having work done on her body is Huddah Monroe who through an Instagram post admitted it almost cost her her life.

“Got complications from a previous cosmetic surgery I had (story for another day) and I am pleased with my doctors who have done an incredible job on me…,” she wrote.

Most celebrities however, never disclose they’ve gone under the knife to achieve their look, misleading their followers into believing it’s as a result of working out. Some like Azziad  Nasenya have been exposed for allegedly editing their photos online to have a certain look.

While working out to keep healthy is good, don’t kill yourself trying to look like a celebrity you saw online as they may not look like that in real life and if they do, working out may not be how they achieved the look. Remember all body types are beautiful and there is no need to chase after unrealistic beauty standards.




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