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The truth about Singer Pallaso’s Xenophobic attack in South Africa (Video)


Earlier this week, Ugandan singer Pallaso was hospitalized following a xenophobic attack in South Africa.

The singer took to social media to narrate how he had been attacked while in the company of a friend.

Following the news of his attack, several gossip sites alleged that he had faked the xenophobic attack and that he was beated by a jilted man whose wife he was hooking up with.

Pallaso who is singer Jose Chameleone’s younger brother has come out to rubish the allegations saying they were attacked when they pulled up to get some food.

Pallaso also called on Africans to stand up against the Xenophobic attacks happening in South Africa.

“Xenophobia real. I am not in court and i don’t owe anybody an explanation but the greatest part of it is i’m still alive. This here is not a nigerian owned car as claimed, this is deno kiwunyas mercedes car being demolished after i fled the scene under mob attacks. Same car i was seated in before all this happened. As you can see it parked on the roadside next to the shop we went to buy food at. I was attacked because i am in south africa and i’m not south african. All you passing false news need to stop please. These people are heartless can take life for no reason. This is very sad. You will take it lightly but remember today it’s me tomorrow it’s someone else and it could be someone you love. Let’s stand up against xenophobic attacks fellow africans. Death flashed very closely in my face yesterday and tomorrow you or your loved one might not be as lucky as me to survive the attack. Please world wake up. #stopxenophobia,” he said

His brother Chameleone also took to social media to thank Ugandans living in South Africa for coming to his brother’s aid.

“Thanks uganda worldwide most especially the south african ugandan community!! Pallaso was rescued at all odds!!!But all this must be condemned as we are all africans.
If we move in unity same way always we shall be free!!!

Let’s always watch out for one another. Bro come home now!!!! god took control and he will always. Come back home. All evil has done god the will repair. Thanks all our family, fans and everybody that reached out in such a time.” He said