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The ‘’Umepika supper nipitie ‘’ type of men


By Elishifa Wangeshi

Men complain so much about women, and we have been told we are the cause of 99% of their problems, if we are lucky enough to miss the remaining 1%.

But maybe men need to know there are some habits women can’t handle, matters that actually suffocate them.

There is this breed of men who you meet, and after a few weeks they send you the ‘’umepika supper nipitie ‘’ text .   Dear men! Why   would you want to visit a lady who works so hard to foot her bills ukakule! And mind you you do not pay her rent,neither do you know the price of cooking oil.

Real men call you and ask if they can pick you up for dinner  and actually they do not get into a woman’s house instead they request a cab to pick the woman  up. So  hii tabia ya ‘’napitia supper kwako’’ should come to an end .

Men still living with their mums

At 35yrs , a man who still lives with his mother  is nothing to be proud of, women want men who hustle, we don’t care how big your house is or how furnished it is but the little effort that you have a place you can call your own says much about you.  So all you boys pretending to be men you better get your act together.

Showcasing your clande

Two weeks ago there was a topic of discussion during Ghetto Radio’s Breakfast show hosted by #MajiMaji  and #KingKafu and the issue of men bringing their ‘’Clandes’’ to their own house and matrimonial bed came up.  Honestly there is nothing as disgraceful as a man who takes his  ‘other woman ’ to their  home .  It’s shameful and disrespectful to your wife .

The stingy men

When you hit on a woman you can tell the type of woman she is. Number one I bet you met her looking good , nails and hair neatly done and her wardrobe was on point. So what makes you think you can keep up with her with your stingy nature.

A woman needs to be appreciated with gifts ,take her out once in a while and pay a cabb to take her home. Being so stingy will only increase your years as a single man.

It’s annoying when men blame women for a collapsing relationship, a marriage that is not working and blaming the woman for all their woes.  Men review your behaviors and characters also maybe you are the cause of   your own trouble .