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The Wajesus Pregnancy Announcement Cost More Than 1.5 Million, Details


Renowned YouTube Celebrities, Peter Kabi, Popularly known as Kabi WaJesus and his wife Milly WaJesus have announced that they are expecting baby number two.

Kabi Wajesus chose to announce the pregnancy in a unique way, putting their family portrait on a billboard as a surprise for his wife. 

The content creators shared the big reveal with their fans through their YouTube channel on Tuesday 18th January.

Dressed in a beautiful white gown, Milly was taken to the location of the billboard driving in her dream range Rover car, tearing up as she screamed in shock after seeing her pregnant self-alongside her family on the billboard. 

“This is so beautiful, thank you my love. This is the best, I don’t even have words, because I never expected this. Can I be living here so that I can be watching it every day,” Milly said. 

The billboard has a message that the Wajesus family is growing written in pink and purple perhaps an indicator of the baby’s gender. 


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‘The WaJesus family is growing. Another baby loading’ reads the message on the billboard which according to Kabi will stay for at least two months.

The Christian couple followed the announcement with a shared Instagram post where the couple thanked God as they expressed just how happy they were to finally share the news with their online family. 

In an Interview after the unveiling, the couple explained that they had kept their pregnancy a secret, to enjoy the journey in private adding that they would have hidden it a bit longer if it was possible. 

Kabi also disclosed that the sponsored announcement was expensive stating it cost more than 1.5 Million given he surprised his wife with another gift despite the billboard. 

The couple loves going to the extreme with surprises as Milly WaJesus, bought a brand new Audi and put their family portrait on a billboard as a birthday present to her husband, as he turned 30 years old.

They also welcomed their first born son in a similar big reveal on their YouTube channel.