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Thee Pluto Gives Details Of His Break Up With Girlfriend

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Digital Content Creator Thee Pluto has finally broken his silence after his break up with his girlfriend Felicity Wanjiru.

Thee Pluto claims that he had anticipated the breakup since his girlfriend was not all that into him.

The Instagram hunk says that he felt his worth was not being appreciated and so he decided to walk away.

“I anticipated and I saw it coming. She ever told me that she was learning how to love me upon marriage so I decided to walk away from a relationship that was not real and my worth as a man and also I was not appreciated. She had no future with me yet I wanted something that would last,” said Pluto.

Apparently Thee Pluto had seen a conversation on Fecility’s phone that made him raise the alarms.

The two announced their break up on the various Instagram platforms.


Felicity was the first one to announce on Tuesday with Pluto following on Wednesday of the same week.

Thee Pluto and Felicity made their relationship public in July this only for them to break up two months later.

Thee Pluto says that he is not looking forward to dating again.

He has urged young people to be keen and watch out for red flags in their relationships.

He also says that they still remain friends despite the breakup.

“A breakup doesn’t mean that we are enemies, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do business together. I don’t regret anything however I blame myself for trusting her so much,” he added.


By Monica Wanjiru


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