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  • Thee Pluto loses Tik Tok account
  • Thee Pluto expressed his frustration and disappointment, acknowledging the emotional toll that losing an account with such a massive following has taken on him.
  • He mentioned that he had been nurturing this account since 2018 and was on the verge of reaching a million followers.

Social media platform Tik Tok has dealt a heavy blow on Kenyan content creator, David Ndegwa popularly known as Thee Pluto after banning his account which was almost crossing the one million followers mark.

The creator, known for his engaging content on various social media platforms, disclosed that his TikTok account boasting a substantial following of 977, 000 followers had been banned.

Through a video on his You Tube channel, Thee Pluto expressed his disappointment but assured his audience that he’s taking it in stride.

He mentioned that while he usually refrains from sharing sad news, this situation compelled him to update his fans.

“It’s not likely of me to share sad news with my fans, lakini leo situation inabidi i have to share this with you guys. Nafeel vibaya but siwezi lia. My TikTok account of 977K followers has been banned,” he said.

Why wasThee Pluto’s TikTok account Banned?

Thee Pluto shed light on the reason behind the sudden ban. He revealed that the ban stemmed from a seemingly innocent action, which he was unaware was against TikTok’s policies.

He mentioned that in one of his TikTok videos, he had casually shared his phone number in response to requests from a few friends. Unbeknownst to him, this violated TikTok’s guidelines.

He admitted to not being aware that sharing personal contact information directly on the platform was against the rules.

“I never knew until it was banned that makosa ilikuwa yangu. So now there is something i had shared on my TikTok and some o my two three friends walikuwa wameitisha my number. Nikasema WhatsApp me na nikaeka number yangu. Sikujua you are suppossed to do that,” he said.



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