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There’s No Small Money And Big Money, Reveals Tahidi High’s Mama Jimmy

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Former Tahidi High actress Wambui Njoroge commonly known as Mama Jimmy revealed that there is no difference between small and big money.

Her sentiments seem to paint a clear picture on one’s discipline in handling money and not what one earns.

“Hakuna pesa kidogo na hakuna pesa nyingi so ni wee mwenyewe ujimanage, pesa yako ukipata kidogo, kula kidogo nyingine weka” Stated the actress.

She further disclosed that acting is a paying venture and for one to see its fruits you have to keep off bad company.

“One day my fellow artist aliniambia.. Yaani si twende nikununulie mbili baridi, nikamwambia ‘ati baridi ehe, nami nikamwambia i don’t know how to act mtu akiwa high,sasa mimi naenda kupikia watoto wangu nkiwa high how?” quipped Mama Jimmy.


Introduction To Media

She attributes her father for discovering her talent and introducing her to Ali Salim Manga who did football commentaries at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

“Kuna a certain guy in KBC alikuwa anamjua alikuwa anaitwa Manga ni Mzee saa hii yeye anapenda mambo ya football, alikuwa anatangaza football apo kwa KBC… Na babangu so one day akaambia Manga ‘now nina msichana wangu ako na makelele hebu mpeleke hizo studio zenu,” narrated Mama Jimmy.

Joining Tahidi High

The celebrated actress went to a media school in 2006, in 2007 she went through auditions and joined the Tahidi High cast.

It was a dream come true as she had loved watching the show from it’s inception.

Surviving Covid Pandemic

When Covid struck an unnounced,she stuck to doing make-up, a side job she had learnt and selling parcels of land she had invested in.

“Nimesomea mpaka make-up na sasa nilikuwa napata tujob..nilikuwa na kashamba mahali.. nika katakata nikaanza kuuza plots,” she said.

Future Plans

She is looking forward to moving to the US for greener pastures and later coming back to invest.

Written By Steve Osaka.


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