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“There’s nothing like husband snatcher” Aoko tells off Cebbie’s trolls


A few days ago Akothee’s baby sister Elseba Awuor Kokeyo known simply  as Cebbie Koks made headlines after a woman accused her of breaking her marriage.

In a series of posts shared on Edgar Obare’s instagram stories, an unidentified lady accused Cebbie of breaking her marriage then proceeding to insult her. She alleged that Cebbie was her husband’s mistress for the last four years and the affair only ended recently.

Following the expose/ the lady dominated chats for days with more accusations that she was also trash talking her sister streaming in.

Cebbie was also accused of having an affair with Migori county governor Okoth Obado

Controversial blogger Maveric Aoko Otieno has now come out to boldly defend Cebbie.

“I take the dock today in the court of social media where the jury is too quick to pass judgment. And I will defend this woman. If not for anything, I resonate with her experience. I feel for Koks, especially being accused of having slept with a politician just because your job placed you within their vicinity. I have been there. But girl, chin up, rumors are peddled by trash and believed by losers.” Aoko wrote

Aoko further addressed the issue between Cebbie and her sister Akothee saying that there is no perfect family.

“On her issue with her sister, maaaan, show me a perfect family. Just one. A girl had a “pillow” moment with her lover, don’t we all have those moments where we just open our hearts to that one person who doesn’t judge us, our background, our past and is more aligned to our present and future? Whatever it is, those two are BLOOD SISTERS. There are some bonds not even online euphoria can severe. So focus on your own family.” Aoko said

Aoko further defended Cebbie relationship with the alleged married man saying that she is pr-polygamy because she comes from a polygamous family.

“Men have their own reasons for marrying second, third wives. A man goes where the clap is loudest, who knows maybe my step mum clapped harder… I do not give a shit. Was my dad a good father? Just look at how I turned out and how I give props to guys. Was my mum a good mother? If anything happens to that woman, I would not live long. She is literally my battery. They were/are excellent parents- THAT IS WHAT MATTERS TO ME. What they are to each other as husband and wife is THEIR BLOODY EFFING BUSINESS. What I will be as a wife to my man is what is important to me. I am a very pragmatic person. I do not complicate things. African men are innately polygamous. Oh, your man is different? Maybe. But yours might not have officially married your co-wife like our fathers were bold enough to do without being killed in their sleep because our mothers weren’t deranged hags, but be sure, the chances that he has a woman by the side are high. Men are not clothes that are hanged and stolen from the clothesline. There is nothing like HUSBAND SNATCHER. That is bullshit coined by insecure women. A man is a sane human being capable of thinking and making his decisions. If he wants another woman, engaging functionally illiterate oafs like Obare will not stop him from getting another woman. Look at the caliber of women going to him for exposes, bottom of the gutter cunts. Birds of a feather. You think he is for you because he gets smashed from behind? He is a lousy extortionist and fake TMZ wanabe. He is thriving because most young women who consume his ‘tea’ are simpletons with zero purpose in life. Focused women cannot follow such jugs of phlegm. They follow serious people like Aoko” she concluded