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  • They think am wasting time, Jah Man.
  • Apart from singing, Jah Man is also a barber and a portrait artist.
  • He has kept his spirits high and is looking forward to making it big someday.

Underground star, Jah Man has revealed that one of his biggest challenge is facing criticism over his longevity in music with no success. Many have since called him out for wasting his precious time however, he has kept his spirits high and is looking forward to making it big someday.

Jah Man whose real name is  Kelvin Wambua Kalama started music as a dancer in church at a tender age.

Soon he realized he could sing and started following that path. However, coming from a humble background presented its set of challenges with the main one being financial constraints.

Music is a product like any other and needs marketing thus with limited finances to push his songs that further prolonged his breakthrough.

Some of the music Jah Man has recorded like Jah Give Me Love, Life and Wonder are yet to penetrate the market.

With his calm demeanor, Jah Man is grateful to all the people who have believed in him through his musical journey by supporting his craft.

Jah Man with Ghetto Radio’s, Majimaji PHOTO Courtesy


Barber, Portrait Artist

Jah Man is an all round creative, apart from singing, he also ekes a living by offering his services as a barber. He doesn’t end there, he’s also a gifted portrait artist with clear-cut precision.

The highly spiritual monster further added that he brings his peers together through his organization, Jah Jah Side Community Based Organization.

Through it, he warns the youth from engaging in crime and while encouraging them to undertake meaningful ways of earning a living however menial they might be.

Recently, Jah Man met Majimaji of Ghetto Radio during a clinic in Embakasi Tassia Mabatini where the media personality turned philanthropist teamed up with George Tikvah another community champion in highlighting challenges faced by teen mothers.

During the event which took place on Valentines Day, teen mothers left smiling with goodies such as toiletries, diapers, sanitary towels and foodstuffs.

Jah Man affirmed that meeting Majimaji who’s a living legend remains etched on his mind for he was truly inspired by his journey and how he has emerged as a fighter for the voiceless.

You can jam to Jah Man’s music on You tube- Jah Man Kelvin, Sound Cloud- Jah Man Kelvin and Mdundo.Com- Jah Man Kelvin. For bookings and interactions Facebook- Jah Man Kelvin Jah Jah Boy and X- Jah Man Kelvin.


February 21, 2024

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